Users are getting this error code 0xC00702E4 (also be called as AVG Install Error) when they try to install the antivirus package. They might never know the reasons why they received error 0xc00702e4 and this is incredibly rare. It will be very difficult to install Avg antivirus when you get pop-up says oops Event exes finished error 0xc00702e4. It doesn’t matter whether free or paid version is going to be installed users are getting the error in both.

So we did some research to get the point why exactly users are getting this error and how to get rid of this. There are two possible reasons and solutions because of the installation process may end up with Error Code 0xC00702E4, which are, to fix:

1 The collision of two conflicting programs:-
It may be because of you Installed programs with sane conflicting in the past, If so please uninstall the conflicting applications. So you need to Go your Control Panel > Uninstall Programs > Look through a list of programs that are installed on your computer and find conflicting software to AVG. When found, just uninstall these programs that may conflict with AVG installation, then uninstall them one by one.

2 Incomplete installation of certain files:-
If not it means your setup doesn’t contain the complete set of files or System drivers are out-of-date or installed wrong. Use AVG removal tool for completely removed, Run AVG Remover to Remove AVG files from your System. And try to again download AVG from Official Website, and Install Exe File as Admin on your Device.

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AVG Installation error code 0xC00702E4

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